NDW-Defi platform
of the future!
NDW is a blockchain database for the next generation. As an infrastructure technology of a new era, we will protect important customer data,accelerate the evolution of solutions, and scale up our business. That is the mission of NDW.
Defi Starts in
NDW Defi will start on May 2021
A new generation of cross-chain asset aggregator. A new decentralized financial paradigm

Ⅰ.NDW is the governance token of the NDWPOOL public chain, with a constant issuance of 30,000, no private placement, no pre-mining Mainly caused by.

Ⅱ.In the NDWPOOL asset aggregator, it is produced by means of liquid pledged assets, and the output cycle is 10 years.
Why choosing NDW?
Defi is a secure trading system that does not require you to deposit your assets like traditional exchanges.

NDW has succeeded in achieving ultra-high speed by solving the three major existing bottlenecks in the blockchain. In addition, the concept of high tamper resistance, zero downtime, and traceability, which could not be realized from the viewpoint of cost with the database, is acquired from the characteristics of the blockchain, and overwhelming usability that combines the advantages of the database and the blockchain is realized.


Download TRX wallet

You need a TRX wallet to participate in NDW DeFi.


Access NDWPOOL with TRX wallet.


You can safely get NDW without depositing assets on the exchange.
Our Tokens
What is NDW?
Without blockchain
the identity
Saving transaction
Global System
and Secure
Defi app
You can get NDW safely and easily.
Soon the NDW network Defi project will be launched
Our Strategy and Project Plan

MAY 2021

Liquidity is added to Sunswap with a pair of PN-TRX


NDW main net release.


NDW-V2 launch

MAY 2021-1M

NDW Defi project started


NDW main net release


NDW-V2 launch

  • MAY 2021Liquidity is added to Sunswap with a pair of PN-TRX
  • 2022Added liquidity pool function for various token to NDW pool
  • Late 2022Addition of NDW liquidity
  • MAY 2021-1NDW Defi project started
  • Early 2022Listed PN on the Centralized Exchange
  • Mid 2022NDW main net release.
  • 2023NDW-V2 launch

We have prepared NDW document. If you want to know more about NDW, or if you are a blockchain developer and are interested in NDW, please browse.We are always looking for companions.

Frequently Questions

First you need to prepare your TRX wallet. You can join from the 『NDW Defi page』 after your preparation is complete

PN has a total of 21 million tokens. Its core is ensured based on current security, and plays an important role in the NDW asset aggregator system. When users input mainstream assets as security, they must also pay a small amount of PN as the processing fee. In other words, only by completing the process of possessing PN with security, one would be able to have a chance to obtain NDW.

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